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Awarded the Webby Award for Best Business Blog in 2006 and again in 2009, David Allen Ibsen's “5 Blogs Before Lunch” comments on the world of modern marketing and business with wit and wisdom.

David knows of what he speaks. His marketing career has spanned over 20 years, working with such iconic brands as Lexus, Microsoft, Hyundai, Xerox and Cristal Champagne. His San Francisco-based brand strategy consultancy, 5 Meetings Before Lunch, has been a trusted advisor to over 60 companies, solving strategic problems and accelerating change.

The mission of 5 Blogs Before Lunch is to keep you in the loop, and to challenge you to go outside it with a clearly focused, witty, and incisive overview of all the things happening out there that we all should be reading about but are too busy to track.

Or, as a blurb from Typepad says:

"If the brand marketing world is a beach swarming with sunbathers, bodysurfers, and kids building sand castles, Five Blogs Before Lunch would be the exclusive WiFi cabana complete with a plasma TV, cocktails and spritzer boy. First of all, the industry is huge. Secondly, it changes fast. That means even the smartest advertising gurus and brand wizards have a tough time keeping on top of what's hot and what's not. Dave Ibsen uses his 20 years of experience to make their jobs easier, delivering several posts a day to keep marketing wonks in the loop on media trends, brands and branding, and who's being hired and fired in the biz. Check in on your lunch break to weed through the mayhem of the marketing world to be informed before you talk to your clients at happy hour. Cheers"